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Lush cloud forests and glittering icebergs. Stunning mountaintops and ocean-sprayed coasts. Vast savannas and thundering waterfalls. Our planet affords us so many awe-inspiring natural wonders. To ensure that stunning natural beauty can be enjoyed for generations to come, we’ve been making several changes to the ways we live, work and travel.


Think: plastic straws, paper cups, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam and more. Our employees make a conscious effort to use their own drinking vessels to cut down on waste and reduce our carbon footprint. We started a plastic straw recycling program in which conveniently located collection bins have been placed throughout our offices. The straws we collect will be turned into a work of art by a member of our team who volunteered to repurpose the pesky pieces of plastic.


We recycle plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans and paper products in our offices. We also have secure shredding machines in departments throughout Collette’s headquarters. The shredded materials are taken to paper mills for pulping, reducing pollution and our contribution to landfills.


It’s estimated that 50% of waste produced by businesses is comprised of paper. That’s why we take steps to share and send documents and other work-related materials electronically. Several departments in our World HQ have committed to a completely paperless work environment.


By taking steps in our World HQ to be more energy efficient, we’re wasting less energy and vital resources. We’ve upgraded all of our lighting to LED bulbs – LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and reduce the demand from power plants. We’ve updated all of our HVAC systems to ensure they are more energy efficient and safer for the environment. We’ve completed a full weatherization of our World HQ buildings to ensure we’re lowering our energy use and contributing to a cleaner environment for all.

COMMUNITY garden team

The Community Garden Team was created to provide those in need in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island community with fresh, quality produce. Their mission is to engage Collette employees in volunteer efforts that can improve the well-being of community members. In 2019, we plan to utilize our own compost for our growing seasons.

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"I love to garden and love the outdoors. A garden teaches us about the cycle of life, the beauty and need of resources such as sun, water, organic matter and insects. I am interested in learning more about how we can live greener and avoid chemicals in our food sources (and other products such as soaps), whenever possible and sharing that knowledge with others. That’s why I think Collette’s community garden gives us such great opportunities."

green TEAM

Our Green Team is made up of various Collette employees who are working to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and energy use. The team helps with Earth Day programs and finds new volunteer opportunities to create a healthier, happier planet.

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TOUR MANAGER OPERATIONS COORDINATOR, ON WHAT the Green Team has accomplished thus far:

"I was very excited to find out that Collette was starting a Green team, so that I can also help our company grow in an eco-friendly way. We have been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. We have been working with our different vendors and learning more about composting, water filters, electric car charging stations, reducing our carbon footprint and much more!"

PARTNERINGfor a better planet
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Save the Bay is a local Rhode Island nonprofit that works to protect and improve Narragansett Bay. The Bay is one of New England’s largest estuaries and an expansive natural harbor vital to marine life, industry and recreation. Collette partners with Save the Bay to participate in shoreline clean up events.

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