Imagine yourself on the Danube River in Austria, sipping fine wine at dinner. Or, you could be on the Yangtze River in China, taking a sunrise Tai Chi class. Or maybe you could be on the Nile in Egypt, relaxing after exploring ancient ruins.

Incredible experiences like this, and many more, are at the core of River Cruise tours.

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River cruise tours, and our tours that include on-ship stays, are unique travel experiences. You’ll cruise through beautiful landscapes, and dock at waterside destinations that show you the culture of a locale from a new perspective.

We’ve expanded our River Cruise travel style to include all of our tours that have on-ship experiences. These new tours include experiences like privately chartered yachts to the Galápagos, cruise liners that take you through Norwegian fjords, and more.


River Cruise tours are about seeing the world from a different point of view, and at a different pace. This is about immersing yourself in the scenery of the water’s edge, and seeing a more intimate side of the cities and towns along the way.


Take a privately chartered small ship (maximum 14 guests) to the unique ecosystems of the Galápagos Islands.


Cruise along the awe-inspiring landscapes of Norway’s Geirangerfjord.

Tai Chi

Take in the tranquility of the Yangtze River during a Tai Chi class on the ship’s sun deck.

Sit back, relax, and let the currents carry you, revealing the beautiful waterways of the world.


The landscape is as much of a presence on a River Cruise tour as any of your fellow passengers, or even your Tour Manager. The sights you’ll see from your ship’s deck are truly spectacular.


Pass by lovely Dutch scenery as your journey unfolds across Amsterdam’s waterways.

Sail to Cape Horn, the “end of the Earth,” and hike along the coast of Patagonia.


Discover the medieval walls of Dubrovnik as you sail alongside this seaside stronghold.

When you’re on tour, the next captivating sight is just over the horizon, so there is never a dull moment.


The ships you’ll take while on tour are 4-star vessels designed to give you every comfort as you embark on your journey. World-class and regionally inspired cuisine is served right there on your ship.

Experience the latest technology, panoramic decks, and more aboard your ships.

Take advantage of exclusive, privately chartered ships in Europe and the Galápagos.

egypt dine

Dine on gourmet cuisine while overlooking the lush banks of the Nile.

For many of these tours, your ship is your home. Unpack, settle in, and enjoy the adventure as your ship sails from one landscape to the next.

Top Tours

Croatia & Its Islands

12 days, 19 meals

Experience the best of Croatia, from medieval architecture to ethereal waterfalls to the sparkling Adriatic Sea, all from your 19-cabin yacht.

Classic Danube

11 days, 24 meals

On a cruise of the Danube River, make your way along fairy-tale cities, medieval villages, and stunning vistas. Immerse yourself in the historic opulence and captivating energy of the river valley.

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Fun Facts

The Danube River was once considered the border of the ancient Roman Empire.

patagonia 2

16th century Europeans described the indigenous Patagonians as 12-ft. tall “giants.”


Sognefjord in Norway is the deepest fjord in the world, stretching 4,291 ft. down.

galapagos island

The pirate Ambrose Crowley originally named the Galápagos Islands after his pirate companions.


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